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ου γαρ εστιν κρυπτον ο ου φανερον γενησεται ουδε αποκρυφον ο ου γνωσθησεται και εις φανερον ελθη
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About Crypto-IT

Crypto-IT is being created for all those looking for information concerning cryptography and security in IT. Such data is often difficult to find and it usually requires understanding of related subjects (such as networking or mathematics). The goal of Crypto-It is to become a comprehensive knowledge base on creating, breaking, and using different kinds of ciphers. The knowledge base freely available for everyone.

The site is still under construction and one may expect that new topics will be added and described, and that possible errors will be corrected.

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The author of Crypto-IT website is Chris Kowalczyk.

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